Kyrgyz Republic Dashboard

The country government, along with USAID and other donors, is compiling evidence on how TB affects the population, trends in disease prevention and control, progress against national strategies, and aggregated and disaggregated data for analysis and interpretation. Explore, analyze, and download tuberculosis (TB) data to inform efforts to maximize investments and move toward eliminating the disease.

How to use the charts: Roll over the data value to view the description. Click on and off of the key below each graph to make the values appear and disappear. Use the Icon for chart menumenu to print, download as an image, PDF, or CSV, or view the data table.

Other dashboards you may be interested in include the Summary Dashboard, DR-TB Dashboard, and COVID-19 Dashboard. To visualize additional TB data of your choosing, please see the Data Explorer.






About the Data

The data used to generate the dashboards was obtained through the World Health Organization’s public website. The data includes the WHO TB burden estimates and data organized by countries, regions, and themes. These graphic representations are subject to change over time as data is updated.

For questions and comments pertaining to the hub and source data, please email: