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Contact Investigation Dashboard

Contact investigation (CI) is the systematic evaluation of individuals in close contact with an infectious tuberculosis (TB) case, i.e., a person with a bacilloscopically confirmed (BK+) or clinically diagnosed pulmonary TB index case. CI is one of the key global strategies for active case finding (ACF) of persons with TB disease to ensure treatment and for early detection of TB cases so as to prevent progression to TB disease through timely provision of TB preventive treatment (TPT). Monitoring the cascade of CI indicators provides an opportunity to track the yield of CI, prevent pre-treatment case loss, reduce the number of underreported and underdiagnosed TB cases, plan for program improvement, and conduct routine continuous quality improvement (CQI) to the CI activities.

Looking at Data

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New and Relapse Pulmonary TB Cases

This chart provides the context in terms of total number of people notified for pulmonary TB, disaggregated by bacilloscopically confirmed (BK+) and clinically diagnosed, who ideally are candidates for contact investigation.

Number of pulmonary TB cases notified during the reporting year, disaggregated by bacteriologically confirmed and clinically diagnosed cases
Year Bacilloscopically Confirmed (BK+) Pulmonary TB Cases Clinically Confirmed Pulmonary TB Cases Total New and Relapse Pulmonary TB Cases
2019 25,121 13,842 38,963
2020 23,323 11,025 34,348
2021 25,216 12,347 37,563
2022 25,930 12,011 37,941

Contacts of Bacilloscopically Confirmed TB Cases

This second graph compares the estimated number of contacts of bacilloscopically confirmed (BK+) pulmonary TB cases with the number of such contacts reported by the country and the number of contacts who were investigated for TB. The estimated number of contacts is calculated using the average household size and the number of BK+ pulmonary TB cases reported in a given year (formula using WHO variables: ((new_labconf + ret_rel_labconf) * e_hh_size)).

Household contacts of bacilloscopically confirmed (BK+) pulmonary new and relapse TB cases (BK+) who were evaluated for active TB and latent TB (TBI)
Year Estimated number of contacts of index BK+ cases Reported number of household contacts of BK+ cases Contacts evaluated for TB
2019 NULL 32,737 29,469
2020 186,584 23,336 2,189
2021 201,728 35,100 30,482
2022 207,440 366,849 41,754

Contact Investigation & TB Preventive Treatment

This third section shows the sequential steps in CI and TPT, starting from the number of household contacts reported by the country, the number who were screened/evaluated for TB, the number who started TPT, and the number who completed TPT. A breakdown of contacts by age groups (under-5 and 5 years and older) is also included in the tabs immediately above the chart.

TB Contact Investigation and TB Preventive Treatment (TPT)
Year Contacts evaluated for TB Contacts who started TPT Contacts who completed TPT
2019 29,469 24,701 21,505
2020 2,189 23,336 20,350
2021 30,482 25,360 24,092
2022 41,754 32,250 NULL

Proportion of contacts who were screened and put on TPT

This chart provides the visual of the proportion of household contacts who were screened and those who were put on TPT.

Proportion of contacts of bacilloscopically confirmed (BK+) pulmonary TB cases who were put of TB Preventive Treatment (TPT)
Year Contacts evaluated for TB Contacts who started TPT Proportion of contacts of BAC who started TPT
2019 29469 24701 0.84
2020 2189 23336 10.66
2021 30482 25360 0.83
2022 41754 32250 0.77