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Quick Access

Build a Data Table

Use the filters below to search for the value of one or more WHO variables or PBMEF indicators in any USAID TB priority countries or regions. If you need definitions for any of these variables/indicators, please use the "Definition Search" underneath the "How to Use this Section" heading.

Select your desired filters and click on "Apply" to see results.

How to Use This Section

The page above enables you to generate your own charts and tables of TB data by entering values in the filters and clicking “Apply”. To query specific variables (which are a single, non-calculated number written in the format: variable_name (Dataset), just begin typing the variable name in the Indicators filter and then select it when it appears in the select list. In this same select list, you can also query PBMEF indicators, which are written as a whole phrase (such as TB Case Notification Rate (CNR)) and could be calculated using WHO Global TB Database (GTBD) variables. For example, TB Case Detection Rate or TB Treatment Coverage is calculated as (c_newinc / e_inc_num) * 100.

You can familiarize yourself with the indicators and variables, as well as how they relate to each other using the filters immediately below and clicking “Apply”. You will be presented with a table where each row presents a GTBD variable, its definition, a link to download the dataset it belongs to, its PBMEF technical area, and links to the PBMEF indicators that rely on this variable.