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TB-HIV Dashboard

TB is a leading cause of death among people living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) who are 29 times more likely to develop tuberculosis (TB) disease [WHO]. Thus, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of TB-HIV activities are of critical importance.

The Performance-based Monitoring and Evaluation Framework (PBMEF) provides a set of core and extended indicators that measure the efforts toward prevention, detection, and prompt treatment of HIV-associated TB along with its impact on mortality. The TB-HIV related PBMEF indicators presented in this thematic dashboard cover the following aspects of the TB-HIV collaborative activities:

  1. TB incidence rate and deaths among PLHIV, estimated and actual and among children;
  2. Known HIV status among people with TB
  3. Treatment outcome among PLHIV with TB
  4. People on ART who are eligible for TB Preventive Treatment (TPT) and those who completed TPT

There are 15 such indicators that can be visualized by each of the priority countries, facilitating an in-depth understanding of TB-HIV activities in a country. The other set of charts consists of each indicator grouped by all the priority countries which allows for comparison across different countries in the same region.

Indicator Comparison

Compare multiple indicators over time across a single country.

Geographical Comparison

Compare an indicator over time across region or countries.