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The U.S. Government Global Tuberculosis Strategy supports country-led efforts to develop, finance, implement, and monitor national and subnational programs in USAID TB priority countries. USAID supports the following objectives aligned with the U.S. Government Global TB Strategy and sustainable development.

USAID Global Tuberculosis (TB) Accelerator Sustainability Dashboard

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This dashboard, modeled after USAID's Country Roadmaps, uses standardized indicators across all countries tailored to a TB-specific context. On the Commitment dimension, we have used indicators on governance, finance, and policy. The Capacity dimension encompasses the pillars of the United States Government's Global Tuberculosis Strategy - 2015-2019 - Reach, Cure, and Prevent.

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Building Sustainability

A country's sustainability is the key to implementing solutions to help solve development challenges. Sustainability, in the context of TB, is the ability of a country, including the government, civil society, and the private sector, to plan, finance, and implement solutions to end TB.


Capacity encompasses the ability of national TB programs (NTP) and national partners to implement effective solutions to end TB—to reach every person with TB, cure those in need of treatment, and prevent the spread of disease and new infections.

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Expand access to TB services.

Icon for Cure


Improve TB service delivery.

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Prevent TB transmission and disease progression.


Commitment encompasses accountable, inclusive governance of TB programs through adoption of evidence-based policies, full domestic funding, engagement with non-government entities, and strengthening of surveillance to support sustainability.

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Execute multisectoral accountability obligations.

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Mobilize domestic resources for TB.

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Implement international TB prevention and care standards.