Inclusiveness of Key Populations (KPs)

References in the content below refer to the PBMEF Guide.


NSP has activities, an indicator, or budget line, or a combination thereof included for the indicated KP. The following four elements are considered for scoring: Four or more TB key populations listed in NSP (children, prisoners, PLHIV, and any additional KP). KP prioritization exercise done Indicators and budget given in NSP for each KP Action plan formulated. Note: Each element carries a score of 1 (indica- tors and budget have 0.5 each). Use the following scoring system: 0 = if KPs not mentioned at all and no activity done for identification of KPs. 1 = 1 of 4 elements is present. 2 = 2 of 4 elements are present. 3 = 3 of 4 elements are present. 4 = All 4 elements are present: Four or more KPs for TB are listed in NSP, formal prioritization for TB key population has been done, indicators and budget are given individually for all KPs, and an action plan has been formulated.


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