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DR-TB “All Oral” Short Treatment Regimen Initiations

References in the content below refer to the PBMEF Guide.


Number of people with drug-resistant (DR) TB (rifampicin-resistant [RR] and multidrug-resistant [MDR] TB and pre-extensively drug-resistant [pre-XDR] and extensively drug-resistant [XDR] TB) initiated on “all oral” short treatment regimen during the reporting period.

“Short treatment regimens” refer to regimens with a duration of 12 months or less.


Number of people with DR-TB (RR/MDR-TB and pre-XDR/XDR-TB) initiated on “all oral” short treatment regimen during the reporting period.


Ref #
(Previously RN-7)
Tier Level
Core Plus Indicator
Unit of Measure
Number of people
Data Type
Age (<15, 15+)
Reporting Level
All Core Plus indicators should be reported at the national level; data may also be collected subnationally for more granular monitoring.
Reporting Frequency
This indicator should be reported on a semiannual basis at a minimum. More frequent monitoring on a quarterly basis is recommended.

The data sources are basic management unit TB register, RR/MDR-TB register, and electronic management information systems at the health facility and district levels. This standard World Health Organization (WHO) indicator can also be calculated using the WHO Global TB Programme database variable: mdr_alloral_short_tx.

This indicator helps to monitor access to the newly recommended fully oral short treatment for DR-TB. The consolidated WHO 2022 guidelines on DR-TB treatment and the associated operational handbook recommend new shorter fully oral regimen for people with MDR-TB which replaces a previously recommended shorter regimen which contained an injectable agent. The newly recommended shorter regimen is 9–11 months long and research has shown that patients find it easier to complete the regimen, when compared to the longer regimens which last up to 20 months.

WHO urges all countries to enable access to fully oral DR-TB treatment regimens.

It is valuable programmatic data to National TB Programs (NTPs) for monitoring the rate of initiation for all oral short treatment, drug supply chain management, and supervision.

This indicator can be used to track progress in achieving high coverage of treatment with all oral shorter treatment regimens for DR-TB. It is helpful to guide programmatic decisions for scale up of treatment for DR-TB. This indicator can be compared with the number of people with DR-TB initiated on treatment, and the number of people with DR-TB initiated on “all oral” longer treatment regimens. This data can be presented and visualized using tables, charts, line graphs, etc.

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January, 2024: Updated based on the Interim PBMEF Tuberculosis Indicator Compendium.