B – Inclusiveness of Private Sector in Social Contracting

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Social contracting mechanisms (policy, guide- lines, tendering, and contracting) are available to contract the private sector with government funds (not GF funds). There are four elements to consider: Policy available: Guidelines available; Tendering: Contracting has been done at the national level only (evidence available) in the last 2 years. Tendering: Contracting done at more than 50% of the subnational entity. Use the following scoring system: 0 = No policy or guidelines and no tendering has been done using government funds. 1 = Either policy or guidelines are available or if tendering has been done at the national level, with no policies or guidelines. 2 = 2 of 4 elements are present (policy, guide- lines, and tendering at the national or subnational levels) or if tendering has been done at the national and subnational levels without policy or guidance. 3 = 3 of 4 elements are present. 4 = All 4 elements are present—policy and guide- lines are present and tendering has been done at national and more than 50% of the subnational levels


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